Video & Photography

Lights, Camera, Action!

With our team of photographers and videographers, YVP will help you create videos and static images you can use in your social media and branding campaigns. We will get social media excited and talking about your brand by documenting your brand values in an irresistible story.

Let our experts help you manage your social media pages; they are capable of increasing engagement on your pages while raising unique awareness about your products/services. YVP will create video and static images for social media push with our team of photographers and videographers. Yvp is in a unique position to document your brand and piece together content to tell your story and get social media talking about it. We also have the capability to manage your social media pages and control how and when photos and videos are placed on your pages in order to garnish engagement and raise awareness.

One of the most effective approaches to telling a brand story nowadays is through videos. It is the best way to engage with your audience on social media and other online platforms.Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your style and uniqueness through some videos containing users’ stories for social media.  Video is one of the best ways to tell your brand’s story – and it’s THE most effective way to engage with your audience via social media. Show your style, create an experience, and tell your users’ stories with video for social.

Here are 5 main reasons you should invest in making videos for your brand:

You need a professional designed website to convert your online visitors into leads and happy customers. You cannot achieve this by just squandering money on purchasing a static template that won’t give your web visitors a thrilling user experience. Having a professional online presence that converts visitors into leads and transforms the user experience isn’t impossible to achieve. But, buying a premade template and throwing it up as your website isn’t going to cut it.

Get a team of experienced website designers who are knowledgeable about how to give you a prominent online presence that suits your brand purpose and good enough to capture more leads. While some people are making money while asleep, you are losing money for failing to get a functional website up and running on time! What you need is a team that understands your brand and is capable of designing a website that is tailored fit to your brand, that fits your needs, that captures your leads while you’re sleeping. And, you need this done yesterday, because every day your website isn’t converting, you are losing money.

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